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Drill to Invoice from Variance Report

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) is located in Boone, NC, and comprises two hospitals, a physician practice management group, rehabilitation and extended care center, and a foundation. They have used Kreg's Decision Support/Cost Analytics and Contract/Claims Analytics modules for five years, and last year added the Budgeting/Performance Analytics module so they now license the entire suite of Kreg products. This Feature of the Month highlights one of the unique ways this client uses the Kreg system – Drill to Invoice Image - to enhance their monthly management reporting.

KREG Assists Connecticut Hospitals with Medicaid Financial Impact Analysis

The combination of KREG’s Strategic Services Group reimbursement knowledge and our claim and contract management system, EV-CMA,  powerful simulation capabilities were recently showcased in Connecticut. Many hospitals are struggling with determining the financial impact of proposed changes to the state’s Medical Assistance Program (CT Medicaid), and KREG's Strategic Services Group used EV-CMA to simulated the proposed Medicaid contracts for an exclusive group of Connecticut hospitals. 

Drill-Thru Analytics

As Medicare moves forward with bundled payments, it is imperative healthcare providers know their actual cost and profitability of the services they provide. Kreg clients are using our Cost and Decision Support Analytics module (PLM) to perform these types of analyses.

KREG Unveils Dashboards

At the recent KREG Information Systems Users Conference the company introduced its newest product: Dashboards for EnterpriseVision. “We evaluated three different sets of dashboard tools, and found all three to be too expensive on a per user basis.” said Greg Ferguson, KREG’s President. “We went back to the drawing board and designed a web-based solution accessed via a browser. It offers a clean, uncluttered, interactive dashboard and the user can even click-through to see the rich detail behind the dashboard.

Side by Side Simulations

Using KREG’s Contract Management Analytics (CMA) to negotiate managed care contracts is probably the fastest way our clients improve their bottom line. Clients face increasing pressure to find creative ways to modify contract terms, not merely look for rate increases. CMA provides hundreds of calculation scenarios across 29 different calculation basis points.

What if your contractuals were off 30%?

Many healthcare organizations use the ratio of costs to charges to calculate cost and profitability when making decisions.  This methodology of determining costs, called RCC costing, is inarguably a quick and easy method to determine costs.  Proponents of this approach stress RCC costing provides reasonable results with very little effort. 

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