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KREG's Drill-to-Detail Gets Rave Reviews

Women & Infants' Hospital, a Providence, RI specialty hospital within Care New England, has been running KREG's eBudgeting solution for over four years. Ros Forget, Budget Manager, recently told of her experience using KREG's latest product.

"We recently installed KREG's drill-to-detail add-on system that allows us to deliver primary, secondary and even tertiary detail via drill down in our existing KREG-generated variance reports. To say the system was well received would be an understatement."

During an early session to educate our department managers and VP's on drill-to-detail  we arrived at the Hospital five minutes before the session and the room was already filling up. As we prepared for our presentation the room kept filling up to the point we were at standing room only status – usually budget managers don't get this type of response to our meetings but the word was out in our organization onREG's latest product and people were eager to see what they were to be receiving. The minute we opened a report and clicked on one expense subaccount which automatically displayed detailed GL transactions tied to the account we had many comments like "Oh my goodness" and "this is just what we need".

As we progressed with our meeting the enthusiasm in the room could not be contained and before we finished this someone asked if they could get this information on the grant reports generated by KREG as well – we showed them a drill-to-detail enabled grants report as our finale. One manager stated that the ability to drill down in the departmental reports while reviewing expenses saves her time and alerted her to excessive spending habits and overtime of staff. Being able to see this immediately enabled her to instantly alert staff to cut spending on certain items as well as monitor overtime of several staff. To further her point she told us that she believes this software does not cost, it pays! I honestly believe the people in the room were more excited than we were and at the end of the presentation we got applauded for this - another thing that has never happened before and we could not have done it without the KREG System."

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