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Drill to Invoice from Variance Report

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) is located in Boone, NC, and comprises two hospitals, a physician practice management group, rehabilitation and extended care center, and a foundation. They have used Kreg's Decision Support/Cost Analytics and Contract/Claims Analytics modules for five years, and last year added the Budgeting/Performance Analytics module so they now license the entire suite of Kreg products. This Feature of the Month highlights one of the unique ways this client uses the Kreg system – Drill to Invoice Image - to enhance their monthly management reporting.

This module takes our Drill to Detail to the next level by interfacing with the Lawson and Lexmark systems so their department managers can view the actual invoice stored in their imaging system with just a few simple clicks once they open their variance report in EV. This eliminates their managers needing to access multiple systems to analyze and explain their monthly variances.

Brian Short, from ARHS, who is one of the key staff members involved with the implementation and integration with the Lexmark imaging module, says this about the benefits of the Kreg system to the organization:

The benefit seen has been wonderful as our mangers now have a tool to use in analysing financials in one system and in one report access. In the past they would have had to look at two reports and then access another system to search and view the image. These savings in steps overall allows the manager to make additional notes regarding their expenses and reduce the frustration of multiple systems and finding answers. This also gave the managers the ability to see their journal entries Finance put in which is a first for them. The ability to also track end users access lets us also know who is not reviewing their monthly financial data.Brian Short, Finance IT Support, Appalachian Regional Healthcare System

How the Process Works

Every month Department Managers go into EnterpriseVision (EV) to view their reports. They can click on any subaccount to view their A/P detail entries imported from Lawson. They then click on the hyperlink to view their invoices or journal entries stored in the Lexmark imaging system. Figure 1 shows a section of a typical monthly variance report for the Operating Room.

Figure 1


Step One – Click any Subaccount. Once you do this, all the A/P detail comes up on the screen. Figure 2 shows part of that screen for account 62025 Medical Implants and you will see:

Figure 2


Step Two – Click on the Hyperlink added to the Lawson A/P Detail Report and you will see an image of that particular invoice like shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3


The Department Manager has all the information they need to explain the variance out of the Kreg System.

For more information on Kreg's Drill to Invoice Image click here to send us a notification or contact your Kreg representative directly.


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