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Drill-Thru Analytics

As Medicare moves forward with bundled payments, it is imperative healthcare providers know their actual cost and profitability of the services they provide. Kreg clients are using our Cost and Decision Support Analytics module (PLM) to perform these types of analyses.

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A compelling feature of PLM is its ability to "drill through" your data to get to the information you need without having to build elaborate spreadsheets and pivot tables for every single different type of analysis you have to perform. With Kreg's PLM you have all of the service line, DRG, physician, patient, cost, charge item, and patient level detail in one location for simple, intuitive analysis - both historical and current. When someone asks "Can we take a look at it by ICD code?" you just click and show them that level of detail.

To demonstrate this we put together a short YouTube video. You'll see how easily you can "drill through" to several levels to get to the information you need. You'll see how simple and easy it is drilling down into:

  • Service Line
  • DRG
  • ICD code
  • Physician 
  • Payer
  • Patient transactions, including costs

 To watch the five minute YouTube video click here.

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